Is anyone paying attention?

If we are having similar problems in Oklahoma, I’m not seeing the reports. Regardless, these things are maintenance nightmares. They will never be cost effective, and they destroy so much. They sicken people, even kill people in some instances, and kill bats and birds by the millions. Just not worth it.

Wind blows, but windmills suck.


Vestas_V112-Collapse_preview Vestas V112 takes its head out of the clouds.


Our post – Happenstance or Enemy Action? Giant Wind Turbines Collapsing with Alarming Regularity – was barely up a week, and yet another story of a 290 tonne whirling juggernaut crashing back to Earth popped up in Sweden.

This time, another vertically vulnerable Vestas hit the deck – a V112 with three 54.7m blades, weighing in at 11 tonnes a piece, the hub at 45 tonnes (the hub and blades together weigh in at 78 tonnes), the nacelle and its contents – bearings, gearbox, generator etc at more than 80 tonnes – bringing the earth-shuddering total weight at the top-end to a massive 158 tonnes.

Vestas V112

Add a 90m tower – weighing 130 tonnes – and the whole whirling, Danish Dervish weighs in at more than 288 tonnes. The Saturn V Rocket that sent Neil Armstrong & Co to the Moon…

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