If only such could be true of us all.

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A shining beacon of how to lead by example, I am fortunate to have crossed paths with him.

Bob_Carter_geologistBob Carter 1942-2016

On the northeast coast of Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef, in the community of Townsville, relatives and friends are gathering today to pay their last respects to geologist Bob Carter.

Half a world away, here in snowy Canada, I too am remembering him. Last month, when we both spoke at an event showcasing alternative climate perspectives, Bob seemed a decade younger than his 73 years. Full of energy and wit, there was no suggestion that the final weeks of his earthly sojourn were counting down, that a heart attack was about to end his life.

climate_counter_consensus_coverIn recent years, I’ve met several scientists worthy of admiration. Swimming against the tide of conventional climate wisdom, ostracized by former colleagues, libeled viciously on the Internet, I’ve been impressed by their perseverance…

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