The Pope backtracked a bit, but he erred when he judged Donald Trump as not a Christian.

Click the link and watch the statements. Someone might make something of translation, but I think the Pope was clearly judging Trump. If he had simply said something like, “Good Christian charity focuses on building bridges, not walls…” I could have supported him. Nope. Not with this.

I supported the Pope when he refused to judge a homosexual. I agree, if you are honestly seeking God, who am I to judge?

Fundamentally, none of us can judge another person’s soul. We do not know if a person is a Christian. That is why it was wrong to judge the President. He has made a declarative statement. Actions and fruit from his life give us indications, but they do not allow us to judge.

Such judgement is exactly what Jesus forbid.

Good thing we know the Pope is human, subject to the frailties common to us all.