The Pointman has a gift. I thank him for sharing it.

Not much to this page or two, but chock full of wise bits.

Go ahead and follow the link. Enjoy.

“What a great and terrible thing it is to be a human being.”


The Earth is rotating out of night and I’m a little speck on the surface of it. It’s still dark, very early in the morning and I’m listening to Dario Marinelli’s Stars and Butterflies.

On the rare occasions I wake up in the night, I don’t tend to go back to sleep. I roll out of bed as quietly as a Ninja, so as not to disturb my woman. She’s curled up and fully snuggled under two duvets in her silky nightie with the silly frills on the bottom, still embraced by that warm sleep only women seem to possess. They glow.

I want to touch her face with the tips of my fingers but I’ve been sitting naked on the side of the bed for a little while now, giving my body a little Spanish pause, because nowadays I have to give that wreck of the Hesperus corpus of mine some time to stoke up…

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