To ensure US citizens notice, Pointman isn’t from the states, but he sure manages to keep the pulse of America.

Spot on. For better or for worse.


A number of years back, I wrote an article about what I called political fracture points. In summary, it discussed the cyclical nature of changes in government; one party falling out of favour with the electorate and spending a decade or so in the wilderness rebuilding itself to become once more electable. Usually by the time they complete the rebuild, the incumbent party itself has had just enough time in power to become decadent and despised by the electorate. In one form or another, the battle cry of the switch of government election is a variation of “it’s time for a change”.

In the years following WWII, if not earlier, most real democracies had entrenched a political landscape that consisted of a major left-wing party, a major right-wing party and a few tiddler parties who were all things to all men for the percentage of the electorate who really didn’t…

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