Got your cabin in Manolo?

Walter Bright

I bought this album a few days ago and “cabin in manolo’ has been on repeat since. I discovered something very special when I decided to research the word Manolo – because I didn’t know what in the world Manolo was. Here is what I found:
“The song is primarily about comparing the Bible, the unchangeable Word of God Himself, to a firearm, a weapon that can be used offensively and defensively on a daily basis to change the world for the greater good. The name “Manolo” is a variant Spanish translation of the name “Emmanuel”, meaning “God with us”. This song is about the reassurance God gives us through His Word, something that we can actually use to change the world around us for His will. The name Manolo also implies a “high life” of wealth and fame, and the artists admit in the song that, not only are…

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