Well said, full of truth, and just about what I think. If you want to know better about the DNC emails, take a moment to read. Willis is always worth reading.

Skating Under The Ice

Thanks to a tweet by Stephen McIntyre, I’ve finally found a document that explains the hacking of the DNC emails. It’s by a company called “CrowdStrike”, a computer security firm which was called in by the Democrats back in June when the intrusions were discovered. The document is from June 16. Here’s the short version.

There are not one but two different hacking groups involved. The CrowdStrike folks name all Russian hacking groups with the code name “Bear”. One group called “Cozy Bear”, also known as TG-4127, was able to break into the DNC server and the Hillary Clinton campaign server. The “Fancy Bear” group attacked the Republican National Committee and Trump campaign, but couldn’t get in.

These two groups are known to have been involved in a host of other attacks, often in Russia, and are known to be hired by the Russian Government for this kind of operation. It gives the…

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