Nuclear fission will power us for centuries. Nuclear fusion will power us for as long as we continue, but we won’t commercialize fusion for decades. Let’s get good a fission. We do need to look into molten salts and thorium. (Research is behind. Probably need about 15 years to catch up. Fusion probably still needs several decades, unless there is a genius-breakthrough.)

“Over the last decade, governments around the world have spent tens of billions of dollars on all sorts of schemes to make energy from anything other than fossil fuels. They have tried everything except the only thing that will work.” David Archibald

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by David Archibald

The good and the great are uneasy about the state of the world. They know that our current standard of civilisation has been made possible by cheap fossil fuels that will run out one day. And then what? Their experiments with solar panels, with mirrors, with windmills have been disappointing. And it is dawning upon people that 70 percent of the protein we eat has its origins in fossil fuels.

Our current dominant nuclear technology of burning U235 in light water reactors is inherently unsafe and produces a lot of waste while doing so. And it uses only 0.2 percent of the nuclear fuel available to us.

The situation is summed up in this blog comment:

So biofuels will power the mining of phosphorus and the manufacturing of nitrogen via the Haber Bosch process to fertilize crops to make biofuels to mine phosphorus…

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