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After promising the most transparent government in history, President Obama sharply curtailed press access, aggressively prosecuted leaks, and spied on journalists.

I’m currently researching a story about climate change, scientific integrity, and the US government. To make sure I understand the larger context, I’ve had to do some parallel research about President Barack Obama and press freedom.

During these final days of the Obama administration, journalists are praising him to the heavens. Ode to Obama, by longtime New York Times columnist Charles Blow, positively gushes:

obama_nytimes_exitNew York Times, 11 January 2017The current top story on GQ magazine’s Facebook page was penned by its editor-in-chief, Jim Nelson. Published last year, it casts Obama as a new Abraham Lincoln and makes the extraordinary claim that he was a better president than Americans deserved.

obama_gq_exitGQ magazine, 10 January 2017On the evening that he delivered his final speech, the New…

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