In case you don’t already read Pointman, he is from across the pond. He isn’t in the USA. So, he doesn’t have they typical bias. He doesn’t have a dog in the fight.

You sure can find some insightful and useful reading on his blog.


Obama was a president who came in with a large popular mandate but who managed to squander it within a few short years and with it legislative control of Congress. I don’t intend to go into the exact process of incompetence, blunder and giving offence in all directions by which he did it, but he set the tone on his first day in office.

A bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office which had been presented to George W Bush by Britain was replaced by one of Martin Luther King, but instead of quietly putting the bust of Churchill into storage, it was pointedly returned to the British embassy in Washington. After a needless and studied insult like that, any notion of a cordial relationship with the Obama administration went out the window and accordingly Britain adjusted its stance from day one with regard to him.

Since nothing but hostility was…

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