Pastor Bohanon is a pastor who lives up to the title. He is also a missionary in a war-torn country that proves daily that healing is possible, that forgiveness is possible even by those most aggrieved.

We do well to take his words to heart, and to positive action.

Mission Rwanda

One of the great ways we stay connected to family and friends while overseas is through Facebook. It is a delight to see the good things going on in people’s lives, pray for those going through challenges and laugh at some of the funny posts.  And then there’s the political posts. I really wish there was a way to block all political posts without unfollowing friends.  I count myself fortunate to have friends on the left, the right and in the middle. I appreciate thoughtful observations and comments but cringe over hyperbole. I would humbly suggest to my friends, whether left, right or middle–the sky is not falling and the Savior has not come.

Before going further I must add one important disclaimer. I write as a believer in and follower of Jesus the Christ. Imperfect and flawed as I am, that is my goal–to walk with Him, learn from…

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