Sober look at hard truth.

Also, civil asset forfeiture is wrong and un-American. The most efficient way to rid our society of such corruption, is stop calling drugs corruption to justify it. Sure, drugs are bad. How does it make things better to also make drugs criminal?

Willis is right. Legalize it all.

Skating Under The Ice

When my daughter was born, I quickly counted her fingers and toes. I was glad to see ten of each, because if I didn’t do myself serious genetic damage in the 1960s … well, it wasn’t for lack of trying …

During that time, I sampled every kind of drug that I came across. Hey, I was young and stupid, so sue me. I even shot heroin once. It was in a shabby apartment in a sad part of San Francisco. My girlfriend of the time shot me up, and I nodded out in front of the television. When I woke up, I thought “Man, I can pass out in front of the TV without needles, what’s the big deal”? Haven’t tried it since.

As a result of my misguided youth, I’ve seen the drug world up close and personal. I’ve known the players, because I was one of them, they were…

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