We need not fear which administration holds sway, either right or left or in between.

We have only cause to fear the ever-growing government itself.

I was quite impressed by Reggie Hamm’s articles (reblogged previously), and I was sharing Scott Adams’ ( @ScottAdamsSays #ScottAdams ) blog post on Facebook, and I wrote more than I expected. I’m reproducing it here, since Facebook is so hard to find anything on.

I’m wondering if I shouldn’t tag some folks so they will know I know they ignored me. Nah, enjoy anonymity. Still, if you are left-of-center in your political views, you need to read this, at least Reggie’s comments that Scott Adams links.

Something I realize, those on the left lived in fear under one or two of our recent Presidents, and those on the right lived in fear under one or two of the other recent Presidents. That tells me our President is too powerful. Regardless, such fear in our country is irrational. We need to pull back the power of the executive some. We need Congress, and especially the Senate, to take their role more seriously, and we need some constraints and better definitions on the judiciary. But, we have nothing to fear from one administration or the the other.

We do have cause to fear the government. That is wrong. It is something we must correct.

Note, while some lived in fear while the other side held sway, freedom lovers (like most who identify as Libertarian) feared it all. For under each, the government grew, worse, regulation grew.

It is killing us.

Freedom will win, but if we don’t rein in the government with the tools we have, it will be a long, sad time fixing it after the government collapses under its own weight.

Frankly, government is terminally ill. All government is failing, fatally so. Government in general will go the way of warlords and tyrants. Sure, there will still be problems, but most of us are going to be truly free some day, and after that day, it won’t be long until government as we know it will only be known in history books.

It can happen deliberately, slowly, measured, with the tools we know, or we will all fail, and the system will utterly collapse. It won’t be pretty. Who knows how long either will take, but I bet the latter will take longer and be much regretted, with grave mourning.