A first-rate climate scientist and hurricane expert. She was an alarmist. She started noticing some difficulties in the warmist claims. She started reaching out to the fact-based skeptics (as opposed to those who mostly rely on hype), and she changed her mind. She still thinks human actions gives us cause for concern, but you don’t have to listen long before you know she is not part of the consensus in alarmism. (And the alarmists have treated her harshly because of it.)

She is also a grandmother and a very caring professor. She is very concerned for the future for both her family and her students. She sees more harm coming from the politics and alarmism of it all than from any possible dangers of burning fuels.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin


Dr. Judith Curry conducted an interview on British radio on February 6th  addressing, among many topics, how the politicalization of climate science created and driven by the UN IPCC process has robbed scientists of the opportunity to explore the legitimate, extremely important and yet unaddressed issues of how natural climate change drivers impact the earth’s climate. Her excellent broadcast can be found here:

During the course of her interview Dr. Curry addressed the underlying assumptions contained in the UN IPCC process at its very beginning which simply assumed without establishing scientific evidence that anthropogenic activity was driving “global warming” (which was  subsequently modified to “climate change” after the global temperature “pause”).

This theme was effectively captured by her characterization during the broadcast when she noted the failures of climate models to address pre 1950 natural climate variation –  “If science can’t explain climate shifts pre…

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