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Summary: In February 2014 I examined surveys of climate scientists and found (as had others) that they showed broad agreement with the IPCC’s headline statement about warming since 1950. However time brings new research, such as a major survey that digs deeper and finds that only a minority of climate scientists agree with the full key statement of AR5 about greenhouse gases — the most recent IPCC report. That’s important news.  Also see the important update below.

The climate consensus From JoNova’s website.

Update: fame from Politifact!

The good liberals at Politifact did a hit pieced on this post. Tskilled disinformation with the assistance of climate warriors in academia. It’s an interesting story of noble lie corruption, which I describe in

This post produced quite a frenzy among the alarmists. Linda Qiu Politifact published a bizarre rebuttal, ignoring what I said and replying to things I didn’t say (this is a favorite…

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