Again, what is there to show for $10-trillion over the last 8 years? Not to mention those trillions actually paid with taxpayer dollars!

Skating Under The Ice

On the outskirts of Las Vegas there’s a mid-range trailer park that grandiosely styles itself the “Orchard Mobile Home Estates”. There is no orchard in sight. It’s not the bottom of the pond for trailer parks, but it’s a ways from the top. A 41-year-old waitress lives there in a double-wide trailer, with her two kids who are eleven and nine. She’s single, but she wasn’t always single. She was married to a lawyer when she had the kids. In fact, it was her waitressing job that put him through law school. They had a happy family until he said he wanted “space to find himself”.

Apparently, said “space” involved a shocking proportion of the law firm’s escrow account as well as a twenty year old legal assistant whose “assistance” seems to have been mostly horizontal. In any case, she hasn’t heard from the bum and his slut for seven years. She…

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