And we call this science? We call it medicine?

It truly is hard to see the truth when your livelihood depends on not seeing it. Thus, checks and balances, replication and scrutiny, even adversarial debate and open challenge. It is unbelievably easy to fool ones self. Take pains to double check and seek out review, especially form reputable experts of differing views.

For most things it all matters little, but sometimes, consequences are grave. Be faithful in the little things, so you are strong when great things try you.

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Whether it’s climate science or medical science, a fake crisis leads to bad decisions that harm real people.

US-News-and-World-Report-February-15-1999-Weight-Loss-Wars_pdf 2Mary Linnen. Photo appeared in this 1999 news story. Reproduced here in a fair use context.

Athletic Mary Linnen had been on the swim team in high school, and on the tennis team in college. At age 29, wanting to slim down prior to her wedding, her doctor prescribed Fen-phen, a combination of two diet pills (fenfluramine and phentermine) approved by the US government 14 years apart.

The Boston, Massachusetts woman stopped taking the appetite-suppressing drugs after 23 days, due to breathing problems. Six months later she was told she had a fatal lung disease, might survive as long as four years, and that having children was out of the question.

Mary spent the remainder of her life with a tube running from a portable pump into her chest, at constant risk of…

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