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Skating Under The Ice

My older brother is a genius. No hyperbole, a legit genius. During the time he was working for Hewlett-Packard, eventually ending up as the head of one of Hewlett-Packard’s two research labs, he made a number of discoveries and advances which were patented.

However, none of the patents were in his name. Instead, because they were part of what is called his “work product”, they belonged to his employer. His patents were done in the normal course of Hewlett-Packard’s business, created on company time by a company employee using company computers and resources, so guess what?

They belonged to Hewlett-Packard, not to my brother.

This is pretty much standard in the world of business and government. The work you do on your employer’s time in the course of doing your employers business and typically using your employer’s offices, cars, computers and the like is called your “work product”, and in…

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