Understand that vegidiet cannot help the world. It just can’t. Our world, life, just isn’t like that.

Willis uses real-world data and straightforward reasoning. Disagreeing won’t change the facts, and trying to convert everyone to vegivores will simply do harm, no good can come of it.

Skating Under The Ice

I was discussing this issue on another venue, and I went back and re-read one of my previous posts. I thought it was worth repeating, so I’m re-posting it here.   

Buoyed by the equal parts of derision and support I received for writing in “I am So Tired Of Malthus” about how humans are better fed than at any time in history, I am foolishly but bravely venturing once again into the question of how we feed ourselves.

In a book excerpt in the February 2002 Scientific American entitled “The Bottleneck”, the noted ant entomologist Professor Edward O. Wilson put forward the familiar Malthusian argument that humans are about to run out of food. He said that we are currently getting wedged into a “bottleneck” of population versus resources. He warned of the dangers of “exponential growth” in population, and he averred that we will be squeezed mightily before…

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