It seems to me MLKJr was right. The arc of history bends toward liberty, but it bends slowly, and sometimes it gets bloody. I expect that to stay true.




I take one break from blogging and it’s over Christmas. I’m not a blog workaholic, but I give my family that time and it’s unconditional. When I find my mind sliding away to some other context when I’m in their familial company, I give myself a notional slap across the chops and get back into actually being in the room with them. I owe them that. I can be a grinding sombre presence at times and they deserve me trying to act the complete idjit over Christmas.

I’m actually getting rather good at it.

That break is actually very renewing. I get to think about the last year and the coming one and at my age, I’m all too painfully aware that by putting off stuff to tomorrow, I’m writing a cheque against an account whose balance is rapidly running down and there’s no negotiable overdraft on offer.

I see those…

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