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I hold that EPA is the most dangerous thing known, the gravest extant threat to humanity.

Skating Under The Ice

People keep saying that they don’t understand it. The President of the US (POTUS) does something that that for an ordinary politician would be fatal, like say attacking his own AG … and his support among his followers doesn’t change one bit. The media declares themselves mystified by this, the Democrats can’t understand it, the talking heads can’t figure it out. The consensus seems to be that Trump supporters are just fanatical … not.

Me, I call the reason for this unchanged support the WOTUS Effect. And legislators and media people generally don’t understand the WOTUS Effect because of the coastal bubble that so many commenters inhabit.

So … what is the WOTUS when it is at home? It is a piece of bureaucratic overreach whose full name is the Waters Of The US rule, or WOTUS … still haven’t heard of it? That’s part of the WOTUS effect.


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