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Maybe, maybe not. But the fact remains: Cold kills. Warmer is better.
“During the last 2 billion years the Earth’s climate has alternated between a frigid “Ice House”, like today’s world, and a steaming “Hot House”, like the world of the dinosaurs.”

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Wim Röst


Five million years ago, average temperatures were higher than they are now. During the Pliocene, the era just before the period of the Quaternary Ice Ages, ‘glacials’ did not yet exist because temperatures were too high. As cooling of the deep seas continued, temperatures became that low that large surfaces of the Northern Hemisphere became covered with snow. The earth’s albedo grew fast and large ice sheets started to develop. Only short warm interglacials separated the glacials. The emergence of the interglacials first showed a 41,000-year period (as proposed by Milankovitch) and in the last part of the Quaternary they showed a 100,000-year pattern. A difference that so far is not well understood. Here it is suggested that the continued cooling of deep sea temperatures is the cause of that diminished frequency of interglacials. Colder deep-sea temperatures resulted in lower sea surface temperatures that…

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You won’t read this. Too long, right?

The fact is, we will burn fuel until we don’t need it, or until we run out. We won’t run out for the lifetime of our great grandchildren, so don’t worry about that. We will stop burning fuel when we have better energy sources.

Wind and solar aint and never will be. Wind is the same as always, a stop gap until better can be built. Winds blow, but windmills suck. Over and over for over 3,000 years we have built and abandoned windmills. We will this time too, and who is going to clean up the mess.

We need better batteries to make the proposed electric society work. Maybe it can happen, but I doubt it. The fact is batteries are only getting marginally better. Improvements are by minute increments. Batteries now are a percentage better than they used to be. We need batteries that are at least 50 times better in all regards. Really, we need batteries that are 200 times better, and that really isn’t possible as far as we know.

The hope is better energy production, and the only current way to do that is with nuclear fission. We need more and better uranium, and we need to develop thorium. Eventually, fusion, but 14 MeV neutrons are not going to be dealt with by anything even imagined so far. ITER isn’t going to help. Neither is anything known or rumored, not even the high-tech gurus, not even Lockheed and the fabled Skunk Works.

So you won’t see your daughter dying on a cold, dark operating table with nurses holding flashlights, you will keep burning fuel. So all that we do can keep being done, you will burn fuel. You, and Algore, and all the Hollywood talking heads. They will keep burning fuel.

The alternative is slavery and death. Those pushing for windmills are pushing for slavery and death. Windmills are killing birds and bats, and they are killing us too.

When the cold equations are ignored, we all die.

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Life without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish and short.

Guest essay by Paul Driessen


The drumbeat for a fossil-fuel-free energy utopia continues. But few have pondered how we will supposedly generate 25 billion megawatts of total current global electricity demand using just renewable energy: wind turbines, for instance. For starters, we’re talking about some 830 million gigantic 500-foot-tall turbines – requiring a land area of some 12.5 billion acres. That’s more than twice the size of North America, all the way through Central America.

But where it really gets interesting is what life would actually be like in a totally renewable electricity world. Think back to Colonial Williamsburg – the good old days. The way they really were. Not the make-believe, idyllic version of history they teach in school these days. Read on, to take a journey to the nirvana of the “stabilized…

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Maybe a given instance of fraud occurs in the free market. Undoubtedly fraud ensues when the government is providing handouts.

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Samuel C Cogar – A couple from Acton, Massachusetts have been charged with defrauding the United States Government of more than fifty million dollars worth of tax free renewable energy grants.

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
District of Massachusetts
Thursday, August 10, 2017

Acton Couple Arrested for Defrauding the Treasury Department of Over $50 Million in Tax Free Energy Grants

BOSTON – An Acton couple was arrested today and charged with defrauding the U.S. Treasury Department of more than $50 million in tax free energy grants as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Christopher N. Condron, 45, and Jessica Metivier, 41, were charged in an indictment unsealed today with one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States with respect to claims and three counts of wire fraud. They were released on conditions following an initial…

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An NJIT researcher throws a global ham radio ‘party’ to study the eclipse


When a solar eclipse plunges the country into darkness Aug. 21, Nathaniel Frissell will be stationed directly along the shadow’s path, leading one of the largest ionospheric experiments in the history of space science from the back porch of a cabin in Gilbertsville, Kentucky.

With a 102 ft. wire antenna, he will contact a network of ham radio operators he’s assembled around the world to test the strength and reach of their high frequency signals as one measure of the eclipse’s impact on Earth’s atmosphere. More than a week in advance, nearly 200 operators – from New Jersey, to Tennessee, to Wyoming in the U.S. and at far-flung locales such as Chile, Greece and India – are already signed on to be “citizen-scientists” that day by recording their contacts with one…

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Evil is as evil does.

Watts Up With That?

The main Internet gatekeepers and causes for concern are Google (GOOG), Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR), and Microsoft (MSFT) – together, GFTM.

Internet Gatekeepers’ Misconduct

Google locked conservative University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson out of all his Google accounts. The probable cause is his dissent with the identity politics of the Left, especially his opposition to the mandatory use of “gender neutral pronouns.”  Daily Caller reported on August 1:

“Please tell me what principle I have violated,” said Peterson in his email to Google upon discovering that he was locked out of his account. “I have not violated any terms that I am aware of and have not misused my account.”  The psychology professor has over 350,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, which he uses as a platform to post his lectures, interviews, and Q&As. “We understand you’ve recently been unable to access your Google account…

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