Skating Under The Ice

For a little light reading, I was browsing through the new FBI crime statistics for 2016. There’s a variety of interesting stuff in there which I may write about some day, but along the way, I noticed a curious thing.

They give two different numbers for how many people were arrested for the crime of rape.

Now, before I start, let me emphasize that I think that rape is one of the most cowardly and vile of violent crimes. None of what I will say mitigates or changes that. I am not excusing, trivializing, or justifying violence of any kind, and particularly not rape. On my planet rape is inexcusable.

But I’m not discussing any of that. I am talking about the FBI statistics and why they have two numbers for rapes.

fbi crime 2016

So … why does the FBI have two different numbers for how many rapes occurred? It is a…

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