Sex is natural. Sex is as important, and as natural, as breathing and eating.

But sex is so much more.
Sex is part of each of us. It is part of what we are. Our mental state, our psyche includes sex.
That is why it is so personal.
That is why it is so important.
Sex makes up a part of our very soul. Deny its importance at your own peril.
More importantly, deny its importance to your partner, and you become responsible for an increase in evil in the world.
Yes, if you carelessly, inconsiderately, involve another in your sex, you are hurting them. You are causing pain and increasing suffering. That is evil. Don’t be evil.
Frankly, sex is sacred. Sure, being so natural, there is a fair bit of liberty many can take with little ill effect, but not all. Not all! Some people can’t, and you really don’t want to be the one who contributes to that person’s suffering.
Don’t take advantage of people.
Your sex is between you and your partner and god. (Yes, I’m not defining god, here, beyond the divine spark within you. That is god as you must deal with, god as you must answer to in those quite moments, those dark moments. You know I’m right even if you claim to believe in no particular god.)
Your sex is nobody else’s business. Frankly, if society can’t handle the several exceptions, society needs to improve. As long as most of us accept sex as properly natural and properly sacred, and we act with faithfulness and integrity toward one another, especially with our partners, things will stay good for society overall.
No need to fear those who don’t follow the old rules. Integrity and honor. We need that. We suffer together societal when integrity and honor slip.
Who doesn’t hurt with these victims of sexually related improprieties? Who isn’t angry with the perpetrators? Who doesn’t want punitive action against those who’ve abused their positions, power, and authority?
Know that you have a higher duty when it comes to sex. It isn’t just a base instinct. It isn’t a simple hunger. Read the Proverbs and the wisdom of so many other cultures. Sex is a big deal. Don’t take it lightly. Never abuse it. Ensure you have developed trust and know you have consent. Otherwise, run away. What did Jesus say? Gouge out your eye? I hope no one goes to that extreme, but extreme measures of restraint on you, your own part are warranted whenever sex, even simple sexual implications, are involved. Don’t be promiscuous. Don’t be evil.
God we need more respect, more integrity, more honest consideration.