Keep in mind that Pointman is viewing from across the pond. (He always seems to have a very clear view, too.)


Barring any unforeseen accidents and a fair breeze behind him, Trump will be sailing into the 2020 election to win it most probably by a greater margin than he won in 2016. Trump has delivered more in one year than Obama did in eight, and you have to remember under the latter’s administration, everything was either in decline or simply going nowhere.

In that year, new jobs were actually created, unemployment among both black and Hispanic Americans has hit historic lows, the flight abroad of manufacturing from America was stopped, swathes of choking regulatory nonsense has been culled ruthlessly, the stock market keeps hitting new record highs, the dumping of cheap foreign subsidised goods into America was stopped, the foreign policy disasters left behind to him by Messrs Obama, Clinton and Kerry have been unfucked one by one, the Arabic states were told to stop covertly financing terrorism in the…

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