It’s still the 80s (well, maybe),

And Stryper is still rocking the long-hair.

It doesn’t always make it starry
Maybe next time be more charming
So you don’t have to say Sorry

Actually, I was thinking of going a bit farther back:

What a mess the world is in, I wonder who began it
Don’t ask me, I’m only visiting the planet
This world is not my home
I’m just passing through


Don’t forget, without love, you ain’t nothin’.

It is truly sad this song is still so relevant:

And your money says in God we trust,
But it’s against the law to pray in school;
You say we beat the Russians to the moon,
And I say you starved your children to do it.
You say all men are equal, all men are brothers,
Then why are the rich more equal than others?
Don’t ask me for the answer, I’ve only got one:
That a man leaves his darkness when he follows the Son