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Skating Under The Ice

Here is a story of three simple searches. The search I did is for the following terms:

left wing political violence united states

First, the results on Bing, Microsoft’s search engine …

left wing political violence bing.png

All but one have “left wing” or “left” in the headline.

Next, the same search on DuckDuckGo, the privacy-oriented search engine …

left wing political violence duckduck.png

Again, all but one have “left wing” or “left” in the headline.

Finally, the same search on Google.

left wing political violence google.png

From looking at that, I’d swear that I’d searched for “right wing political violence united states”.

But wait, as they say on TV, there’s more. There’s a reason it looks like I searched for “right wing”. Here’s their dirty trick.

Google puts the terms that you search for, like say “terrorism”, in bold text on the search page that they return.

Now, look at the image above. Every place it says “right” or “right wing” it…

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Ms. McDonald does excellent work. Her articles are always worth reading, this one particularly so.

The main reason our kids are doing poorly in education is we let the state force them into it, and we tell the mothers not to worry about it. Free the people, and watch them excel.

Stripping the state of its power to define, control, and monitor something as beautifully broad as education would have a large and lasting impact on re-empowering families, encouraging educational entrepreneurs, and creating more choice and opportunity for all learners.

Source: 4 Things That Would Happen if We Eliminated Compulsory Schooling Laws | Kerry McDonald

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