In case you didn’t know, here is a good explanation of why the pharmaceutical companies aren’t the cause of drug problems and are the cause of the runaway costs and prices. You should know the problem is our government. Yes, the unelected officials are the direct cause, the ones we might consider holding accountable, but we can’t. The only possibility we have of holding anyone accountable is our elected officials, including attornies general. We elected them, and we haven’t done squat since. We let our legislators create unaccountable power structures that can’t help but become corrupt and spread their corruption.

Why are we letting Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter grandstand so? What we are doing is funding his run for Governor (or Senator).

The trial is harmful, and no good will come of any of it.

Finally, insulin is expensive because your lawmakers thought that is what you wanted. More regulation, more “safety”, more third-party meddling. Like it or not, it is what you made them believe you wanted.

Source: A Government Guide to Keeping Insulin Unaffordable – Foundation for Economic Education