Source: Losing the Class – The American Mind

Interesting read, speaking to the depths.

The current system is a dried-out tinder box.

Living the Truth

Humans need a few things to survive—air and water, food, shelter and sleep, for instance—and a few more things to thrive: companionship, pleasure, purpose, health and a little money come to mind, maybe also wisdom and beauty. This latter list is somewhat negotiable, at least for a time. We can think of times and places where one or another thing was in short supply. But long-term spiritual sustainability is another matter. Dostoevsky once defined a human as “the animal who can get used to anything,” and while I’m loath to disagree much with the author of The Brothers Karamazov, subsequent Russian history suggests that this adjustability has its limits.

Without air, a few minutes, without water, a few days, without food, a few weeks, without shelter, well, it depends on the weather, but maybe a few months, and sleep, well, it is scary to contemplate.

We need these things, but the others are more important to living life. We have spiritual needs. We die, even if we keep breathing, without spiritual sustenance.

Mr. Corbin picks “living in truth” to elaborate on. Not telling lies is easy if one practices. Telling the truth requires courage. It also requires humility to know one might be wrong. Still, it is our duty as honest individuals to stand against what we know is wrong.