The actions of Captain Crozier really bother me. The fact that so many laud his selfishness disturbs me deeply and weighs heavy on my heart.

Consider the following:
Guam is reasonably comparable to the combined cities of Moore and Norman, Oklahoma.

Assume 5,000 foreign-language refugees under USAF care are headed your way, to Moore-Norman. More than 100 of them are known to be infected with COVID-19, four of the infected were already mediflighted in. What do you think? By the way, you cannot leave. You are in lockdown and surrounded by the ocean (comparing to Guam). Would you be bending over backward to work with Tinker AFB to put all these refugees in your local hotel rooms, your local hospital? Think what military leaders would be facing. Consider how much the military did on Guan practically instantaneously, in mere days, accomplishing most of it before a letter went out that made more than one hundred million mothers in our country hate the military leadership, including the Commander in Chief.

Oh, and did I mention that taking these refugees into your community disables one of the most powerful weapons in the world? A weapon hundreds of millions of lives depend on being ready to fight, standing ready to defend?

Crozier shut out his leadership, his chain of command, telling them he was satisfied all was going as well as it could. Crozier didn’t care for you. He didn’t care for his crew. He was simply selfish. He considered his own safety above his career. If he cannot value his career, I certainly cannot.

Further, if Crozier loved his sailors, why is his concern superseding the love of Governor Lou Leon Guerrero for her fellow Guamanians? What if she had refused to let the ship enter her harbor? What if she had deployed Guam’s defenses with orders to stop the ship at all costs? Would the Captain unleash the weapons under his command against a US protectorate? What if?

Further, why is Crozier’s selfishness lauded while Governor Guerrero’s concerns are dismissed? The military is supposed to protect the civilians, not impose on them, and not make demands of them. Crozier emphasized the USA is not at war. Fact, the Constitution forbids the quartering of troops in peacetime. It is un-American for the military to demand lodging. The US Navy was requesting and making agreements as fast as possible. All that could be done was being done without violating American principles and our Constitution. At the very least, Crozier’s demands were un-American. Knowing such officers exist in our military bodes ill for our enlisted service members. The requirement to relieve Crozier was absolute.