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I wonder if the policy makers ever considered other infectious diseases. Have we ever effectively countered seasonal flu? We have effective vaccines against flu each year, and standard treatments, and many thousands die annually regardless.

I noticed this pretentious article:

A ginormous team funded handsomely by the WHO found only 44 useful studies in over 20,000 research papers reviewed. In other words, there is no science to speak of on the matter. No one can deny the science. There is no science as of today. The authoritative claims are simply pretentious.

I maintain my assertion that there is inadequate evidence to support any policy measures, especially masks. Leave people alone and encourage them to be conscientious and wash their hands, while practicing general good hygiene. Face covering and all other presumed or proposed measures should be left solely to the discretion of every individual.

Given the lack of explanation, it is difficult to ascertain anything regarding the article’s assertion that closer than 1 meter is too close. People seldom linger that close to one another. It seems a difficult assertion to support. I assert their claim that the more the distance the better is specious wishful thinking. They are hyping their own prejudice.

Is six feet a good guideline? I’m okay with that. I am opposed to codification and enforcement. Nothing says, “We care,” like sending armed enforcement officers to shoot you if you fail to comply.

It is amazing to see assertions that amount to speculation about idealized suppositions garnered from precious little evidence. It is simply wishful thinking proposed to justify the failings of imposed policy and restrictions of universal freedoms.

“The odds of developing an infection with a coronavirus were reduced by 78% when wearing any mask, compared with the odds of infection when not wearing a mask. When using masks that conform to the N95 standard, this figure increased to 96%.” Come on! That is nonsense. The assertion as made indicates essentially no one wearing an N95 mask could get sick. Absolute fantasy! Why are healthcare workers getting sick then? When researchers make such obviously absurd claims, they must not be countenanced. It is insanity. If there is any truth in the statements, it has been lost in the delivery. “Although the direct evidence is limited,” we will speculate in our favor anyway. Orwell would be proud.

“the authors acknowledged their analysis has some limits.” Far tighter limits than they are willing to admit.

The article even admits NONE of the studies considered were actual tests, randomized and controlled, NONE!!! Put plainly, there is no evidence to support policy imposition. Coercion is evil. Don’t be evil.

Finally, look at the old information. Various studies were suggesting that masks in all situations were an unjustifiable expense. None that I found directly suggested eliminating masks, but they argued that available evidence didn’t support the use of masks, even in operating rooms, and they suggested well-designed studies to answer the question. No one cared until it mattered to policy failure and politics.

Look it up for yourself. You won’t trust my evidence regardless.

From April this year,


A total of 19 randomised controlled trials were included in this study – 8 in community settings, 6 in healthcare settings and 5 as source control. Most of these randomised controlled trials used different interventions and outcome measures. In the community, masks appeared to be effective with and without hand hygiene, and both together are more protective. Randomised controlled trials in health care workers showed that respirators, if worn continually during a shift, were effective but not if worn intermittently. Medical masks were not effective, and cloth masks even less effective. When used by sick patients randomised controlled trials suggested protection of well contacts.”

Worth repeating, “Medical masks were not effective, and cloth masks even less effective.”

With nearly no exceptions, our leaders have betrayed us in 2020. Much of it was fueled by political divisiveness and power-lust “libido dominandi”, but superstition and fear have dominated, and dissenters have been decried as science-deniers or worse. It is sad. We have been taken advantage of. As a whole and individually, we have been abused.

Few officials have admitted any error or culpability. Few of us are willing to admit to our own gullibility.

We were naive. It hurts to admit it. It hurts to admit our own complicity. It reopens the wounds to acknowledge we were abused, but healing cannot begin while we are in denial.

Viruses have been with us always. Viruses will be with us beyond the life of any of us alive today, and we cannot fight them. Viruses will take too many of us. It is a sad fact. Mind your health and wash your hands. More is futile. Other efforts are worthless, self-aggrandizing virtue signaling, which merely afford us an illusion of control. We cannot control viruses. It is delusional to suppose otherwise. We are powerless before viruses, and we live in denial when we refuse to admit it.

We were abused. We should try to hold our leaders and the experts accountable.

We were abused. We should admit it and do our best to go back to a normal life attending our health wisely and without overwrought emotion and worry.

We must not tolerate coercion and house arrest. We must not tolerate edicts that do more harm than good. We must demand our normal, virtuous freedoms.

First, do no harm. That must be our touchstone and the foundation of any demand we dare make. Humility must rule our thinking.

The proven wisdom of a full century shows us plainly we erred in supposing we could control or fight a virus. We must not repeat the folly.

Politics is the now. Religion is the always. Politics is irrevocably rooted in personality. Religion is rooted in truth. Let’s be honest with ourselves and deemphasize the politics and differences; let us focus on honesty, understanding, and truth; let us live out the heart-felt religion we all claim to believe. What you do is what you believe. You can’t say you believe in peace while practicing (or calling for) violence and coercion. You can’t believe in healing while causing harm.

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