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Paul VanderKlay generally says things worth listening to and incorporating.

PVK comments on the video below, and he quotes from Andrew Klaven toward the end. Yeah, good stuff.

I’m adding Klaven to my “hope to read” list.

“If we concede that one thing is morally better than another, it can only be because it is closer to the Ultimate Moral Good, the standard by which it’s measured. An Ultimate Moral Good cannot just be an idea. It must be, in effect, a personality with consciousness and free will. The rain isn’t morally good even though it makes the crops grow; a tornado that kills isn’t morally evil—though it may be an evil for those in its way…True, objective good and evil, in order to be good and evil, have to be aware and intentional. So an Ultimate Moral Good must be conscious and free; it must be God.” Andrew Klavan (The Great Good Thing)
The same goes for rationality and reason.

Yes, exactly.
Key takeaway: Nature is dealing with plastic without regard to us.

As George Carlin sagely pointed out, humans may exist solely for the purpose of making plastic. 😉

Think back to when plants first started making cellulose. Cellulose would not have been biodegradable initially. After plants started making it, creatures evolved to eat it. The same goes for plastics. Plastics are rich in fuel potential. It is inefficient for us to use plastics as fuel, but we can, and do, but microbes can, and do, and will more, eat plastics as food. There is no threat to the biome from plastics.

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