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It no longer amazes me what I can find on the internet. It is more common for me to be amazed when I cannot find something on the internet.

When thinking about writing something about the Monuments Men movie, I recalled the mixed to poor reviews I’d noticed beforehand. My first thought was it was nothing like the second Highlander movie. TJW of summed it up best in his email signature file all those years ago. I wondered if I could let him say it himself, so I looked it up. Wah-lah!

"There can be only one!"   - The Highlander
"There should have been only one. I want my money back!"  - Terry

I found the quote in Esther’s Massive Signature File Collection of DOOOM! here:

Anyway, I thought it was an enjoyable movie that made a lot of good points well. Not great, and apparently it muddles the facts a little, especially since the British role in it all was significant and preceded US efforts by about two years.

So, if you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to watch it. Expect some sentimentality. It was low on violence. Relatively family friendly. Mostly, it is a story that needs to be remembered.

I knew this man. I think God tried to warn me, and I didn’t hear well enough.

We all know someone else who fits this. If only we can come to our senses.

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Terry Taylor, Tim Chandler and Greg Flesch
©1991 Twitchen Vibes/ Brainstorm Artists Int’l.. ASCAP/BMI
He will always trust his own vision
Could be a dangerous man
He’s guided by no one
Attracted to the sound
Of the interior voices
He will not listen hard enough
To any other man

He gets a big warm sweet interior glowing
He gets a grand elitist superior knowing
This convinces us he’s infallible – yeah

By sheer force of will
He leaves a deep impression
Self-confidence persuades us that he is a saint
Then we watch him tear apart another city
Turns it to dust and ash
A mighty nation’s falling


He downs another coffee
And the feeling grows
He’s building monuments so high
In his expanding mind
He eats a six course dinner
And hears the voice of the spirit
This voice says
“Well done my very good and faithful servant”


Terry Scott Taylor, especially combined with this group we’ve known so long as Daniel Amos. They really are among the best every. The world so often misses the greatest among us. It is sad we fall for those who seem to have a glow, as well as those who glitter and shine with a false flame.

As good as all their work is, much of it true masterpiece, their latest is absolutely the best album of 2013, and the best of Daniel Amos. Amazing on so many levels. Dig Here, Said the Angel is a worthy of addition to your collection.

If you are one of the vinyl devotees, then you can get a special edition disk at their website:

Spotify has all their work as well.

Worth noting:

Art in the Mantle of Science
Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 10:38 AM

Where Ms. Mullarkey points out that art has abandoned all traditional definitions, so it now scratches around to try to justify itself, and in our time, science is the authority, or so it is perceived

A nice quote:

“You can read artist Andy Thomson’s tractlet on “The Contingency of Gravity” here. Take care to grind through the hash of physics and metaphysics to the final line: “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change them.”

Keep the theory; just flip the facts. At heart, it is a totalitarian formulation that corresponds, with demonic ease, to our present political culture, one that has been metastasizing for decades. The substitution of rhetoric for fact and logic—sound over sense—endangers us far more than uncomely art.

It takes heavy doses of higher education to master a lingo engineered to upend the purpose of language by mystifying rather than illuminating. WeakForce is only a single day’s illustration of the lingua franca transmitted through university art departments to the culture at large. It keeps coming, a relentless reminder of Hobbes’ blunt observation that the universities “have been to this nation as the wooden horse to the Trojans.” “

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