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The article below caught my eye, but while I was thinking of the title, I remembered the two Adam Again reference of my past. An album by the great Michael Omartian, but of course also the group fronted by the late Gene Eugene. Gene worked Swirling Eddies and Lost Dogs with Terry Scott Taylor, who is absolutely one of the greatest musicians of all time.

The Economist printed this article,, under the by line “Lexington.”

The article is worth reading. I highly recommend it for any fundamentalist or evangelical.

A couple of quotes:

“After they hit 18, half of evangelical youngsters lose their faith; entering a public university is especially perilous. As a generation, millennials (those born between the early 1980s and 2000s), are unimpressed by organised anything, let alone organised religion. Many young adults told the Barna Group, an evangelical research outfit, that they felt stifled by elders who demonised secular America.”

“The seeming paradox of a strong faith in crisis is explained by rigidity: that which cannot bend may break instead. The danger is keenly felt in conservative Christian circles, where a debate has broken out over the long-term outlook for the movement.”

“A trickier controversy has been triggered by findings from the genome that modern humans, in their genetic diversity, cannot be descended from a single pair of individuals. Rather, there were at least several thousand “first humans”. That challenges the historical existence of Adam and Eve, and has sparked a crisis of conscience among evangelical Christians persuaded by genetic science.”

Lexington closes with a snide comment about denying science. I don’t approve.

Commit to truth. Hold fast to the truth. Don’t deceive yourself into supposing you cannot be proven wrong.

I accept our first parents by faith. I make sure I don’t read into the first two chapters of Genesis, and I figure that the day before “the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature” there was no visible, testable difference. That is, it seems scriptural and consistent with daily experience to suppose that natural processes were how God formed man of dust, and at some point, God did a miracle that made man godlike. (That’s from the first chapter.) I see that miracle as being spiritual, not natural.

So, was Adam historical? I think so. I don’t think I really understand it. I certainly will not try to build a model of how it all worked out, considering natural and spiritual factors. It would be untestable at best. I understand it well enough to believe God is good. I’ll leave it at that.

Wow. This review of Daniel Amos’ latest work is absolutely worth your time to read. If you already have album, you know what the reviewer says. I’ll warn you that you might have to slog through a paragraph or two. Fred Sanders’ writing style doesn’t quite suit my tastes, but he says things well, and he says about the album and band much of what should be said.

I consider Terry Scott Taylor one of the true musical geniuses of our time. His work deserves much more acknowledgement than it has ever received.

By the way, “Now that I’ve Died” says “I’m never cynical, but still a little sarcastic”. I hold that as the key to the song. Mr. Taylor is imploring us to do what we can here, and not wait for our coming perfection.

“Babe, I’m happy now, and much more grateful
Not to mention less contentious, vengeful and hateful
Guess I’m what you would call childlike and playful”

I’m renewing my commitment to bring a bit more heaven to earth in my own life, in the here and now, for myself and all I may touch.

Musically, and in other ways as well, that is what this album does.

I happen to think there are things worth fighting (even dying) for, and also things worth fighting against.

It is important to remember to mostly stand for and do what is right.

Whiteheart sang More Sold Out, where they encourage us, “Are they working harder at what we think is wrong, than we are at what we know is right?” Amazon sells their music. The Souvenirs album is a worthy addition to any music collection. Their Little Drummer Boy is one of the greatest songs ever recorded.  Read the rest of this entry »

I agree with Paul’s discourse on love (written to the Corinthians) and take this as a personal command:

Believe the best in everyone.

Likewise with the first few verses of the second chapter of Philippians, and the last few verses of Romans 12.

And I temper this with the Lord’s instructions to the Apostles recorded in Matthew 10: Be mindful of the wolves and be wise as serpents.

Selwyn Duke has such a knack for making me think. Here is another insightful article from him.

Articles: The Naïve Cynic.

A Terry Scott Taylor song kept running through my head while reading:

The Bubble Bursts from the album “BibleLand”

Words and Music by Terry Taylor

©1994 Twitchen Vibes/B-1 Music/ Chenka-Chenka Music/ Word Music, ASCAP

I’m not quite as bad as you think I am

Not quite as good as you might have planned

I let you down and I’ll do it again

I’ll burst your bubble

I’ll burst your bubble

I’ll burst your bubble

that thin membrane’s

in lots of trouble

I value all the words you don’t want to hear

Conceal every doubt that you’ve learned to fear

Your heroes are just human and this much is clear

Come early, take a number and then stand in line

where I’ll wrap each disappointment in a warning sign

No there’ll be no big surprises when I’m in decline

When you say your prayers

please include my name

if my humanity causes you some pain

Hoping for the best

and I will do the same

So hold up my heart

if I twist your brain

Awesome! (Note: “I’m never cynical, but still a little sarcastic“)

Maybe I’ll remember to link a youtube if one shows up and I remember.

Do I need to look up Romans 6 and 7 for you? Perhaps Colossians 2? I bet you get it.

Daniel Amos : Dig Here Said the Angel Lyrics.

Now That I’ve Died

from the album “Dig Here Said the Angel”

Music by Daniel Amos, Words by T.S. Taylor

©2013 Shape of Air Music

Babe, I’m happy now, and much more grateful

Not to mention less contentious, vengeful and hateful

Guess I’m what you would call childlike and playful

Just swimming with the tide

I lost me stiff, stiff neck and my hard, hard, heart

My self-respect is off the charts

Just hanging out here on the other side

Dead to my pride, now that I’ve died

I can’t hurt you now or harm anyone

I’m too busy helping people and having fun

I’m not a loner anymore since I joined the tribe

On the other side

And I love my neighbor as I love myself

I’m loved by God I’ve got my health

I’m going strong and becoming wise

I couldn’t lie if I tried,

Now that I’ve died!

My new skin glows, I can’t help but smile

Cuz the music round here is just my style

Every door’s been unlocked and I’m going inside

All bushy tailed and wide eyed

I sell records world wide now that I’ve died

Up here I don’t hold back, I never flinch

I go the extra mile when asked for an inch

And the rich serve the poor and the poor are the rich

It’s kind of hard to describe

I’m never cynical, but still a little sarcastic

By the way the cuisine here is pretty fantastic

And I never have to ask what’s the truth what’s a lie

It’s pretty cut and dried

Now that I’ve died!

Like I said babe, I’m so much more grateful

Imagine me all honorable and faithful!

But things have changed, I’m not so unstable

Completely satisfied

And the future’s getting brighter

Now that I’m past the hard part

Of walkin’ through that dark door

Into the darkest dark

Let me say baby, (all this missing you aside)

I’ve never been more alive,

Now that I’ve died!

At the Conservatory in Oklahoma City, OK

8911 N Western Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Becoming The Archetype
Sat 05/18/2013 Doors: 6:00 PM
Becoming The Archetype
The Burial
2 locals

You need to attend. Bring your friends.

I posted a couple of Steve Taylor song’s lyrics a few days ago. He is one of the greats. His songs have gravitas. Some are light, some are silly, some are severe, and some are sarcastic, even severely so. Whether he was addressing a spiritual issue, politics, or common and practical matters, they all say important things. Good stuff!

With a near perfect blend of humor and seriousness with exceptional music driving the lyrics, this one makes a clear statement about the church that has rung a clear tone for decades now. It is at least as applicable today.

A youtube presentation here:
This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral)
Sunday needs a pick-me-up?
Here’s your chance
Do you get tired of the same old square dance?

Allemande right now
All join hands
Do-si-do to the promised boogieland

Got no need for altar calls
Sold the altar for the mirror balls
Do you shuffle? Do you twist?
‘Cause with a hot hits playlist, now we say

This disco used to be a cute cathedral
Where the chosen cha-cha every day of the year
This disco used to be a cute cathedral
Where we only play the stuff you’re wanting to hear

Mickey does the two-step
One, Two, Swing
All the little church mice doing their thing

Boppin’ in the belltower
Rumba to the right
Knock knock, who’s there? Get me out of this limelight

So, you want to defect?
Officer, what did you expect?
Got no rhythm, got no dough
He said, “Listen, Bozo, don’t you know”

This disco used to be a cute cathedral
Where the chosen cha-cha every day of the week
This disco used to be a cute cathedral
But we got no room if you ain’t gonna be chic

Sell your holy habitats
This ship’s been deserted by sinking rats
The exclusive place to go
It’s where the pious pogo, don’t you know

This disco used to be a cute cathedral
Where the chosen cha-cha every day of the year
This disco used to be a cute cathedral
Where we only play the stuff you’re wanting to hear

This disco used to be a cute cathedral
Where the chosen cha-cha every day of the week
This disco used to be a cute cathedral
But we got no room if you ain’t gonna be chic

Envision if you will, yourself with family members next to you, another family across the studio, and Richard Dawson leans over and asks, “Dim lights, loud music, bright spotlights, colored lights synch’d with the music, and rotating special effects–where are you?” Your family is depending on you. You have to answer, and you say “CHURCH!” Your family members’ faces fall, the audience groans, Mr. Dawson reacts with veiled shock and unbelief, and he turns to the board and exclaims, “Survey says…” You don’t really expect to see that answer turn up do you? [Buzzer sounds!]

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