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Remember the fallen.

Remember what we stand for.

Stand for freedom and individual liberty for all, for every one.

It seems long ago now, but the tragedy is still painful.

Pain and suffering are simply a part of life, but it is so sad, so horrific, so evil, when someone deliberately imposes pain, suffering, and terror on others.

Let us move forward remembering:

You know what is right, because God has shown it to you. Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly.

Forgive and walk in love. Trust God, and never forget.

We must remember. Today is a day to always remember. We must remain vigilant. We must also do what we can to live a life that contributes to a more loving world.



It is but one day.There is much more we must remember. All that led up to the world wars. It is trying to happen again. We must remember, and we must act responsibly.

We must learn that each individual is worth it all. No one can be dismissed. We must each respect all.

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