From AmericanThinker, another reason to homeschool:

Recently, there has been a disturbing nation-wide trend of parental rights being trampled upon by public school officials, from bag-lunch inspections to electronic bracelets being used to spy on overweight kids. This week brings another example of complete disregard for parental rights, this time from Grove High School in Delaware County, Oklahoma.

Grove High School transported 699 kids away from school property without first notifying parents…via Blog: 'Relocating' children.

We need, state by state, to repeal compulsory education laws. We also need to amend our Constitution to prohibit congress from making any law regarding education, just like religion in the First Amendment. I see no easy paths to the solutions, but I see no solutions possible until we accomplish this.

Be confident that you can homeschool your own children if you want to. You are capable. No one cares more about your children than you do. Think it through and make the best decision for your children in your circumstances. The public school should not be your default starting position.