I came across this news byte: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/12/25/va-hospital-refuses-to-accept-merry-christmas-cards/

The VA refused children when they wanted to distribute their own handmade Christmas cards to the veterans therein. Wow. Doesn’t that offend everyone?

The VA gatekeepers feared the cards would contain inappropriate religious references, like, “Merry Christmas” for instance. I mean, seriously, they are Christmas cards. What else would one expect?

I understand the argument about government even-handedness. Yes, there are circumstances where it makes sense to refuse any religious symbolism to avoid the inevitable conflict over other conflicting religious symbolism, but this one is from the kids to the veterans. A smiling child just about assures no possibility of offense.

If a group of Buddhist immigrant children prepared cards for American Veterans, I’d be thrilled, with no concern for whether their cards included religious references. How could I be offended that a Buddhist child thought it right to bless me with some traditional Buddhist blessing?

I think the refusal is sad. I really wish we’d all grow up and be just a bit more understanding. We can all get along. Love is required. We are all capable.