Perhaps because of the weekend, but the 31 May 2013 storm here in OKC is hard to find information on. We have some sensational video and photos, but little in the way of quantitative assessments.

At the moment, the death toll is at 11. God comfort them and their families.

There was significant damage in Canadian County, west of the Oklahoma City metro. As the storm came into the city, there were lots of indications the tornado stayed at F3 or higher, but damage reports were not coming in. There was flooding, and some hail, but chasing the storm was hard, and the radars didn’t seem to be getting things quite right. That is, while it was certain they knew where to look, it seems things simply were not as bad as the radar indicated, and the chasers were thwarted by traffic and rain. Rain was incredible. Winds were extreme. Read the rest of this entry »