Taleeb Starkes writes for American Thinker here, http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/09/the_other_dropout_problem_in_urban_schools.html and points out that teachers are fleeing the public schools.

We can fix this. First, repeal truancy laws.

Second, parents, step up, take your place, fulfill your responsibility. Teach your children. Do your part. First, consider homeschooling. You can. You are capable. Remember that school is simply part of the maturation process and how we try to prepare our children to become independent adults and productive citizens. The objective isn’t good students. The objective is equipped people.

Who cares more than you? No one. You care more how your child turns out than anyone. You are best equipped to help your child become a successful grownup. You are best equipped to help your child become successful today. After all, today is all we have. Success one day at a time proves to be a lifetime of success–a successful life.

Still, you can choose not to homeschool. No worries. There are reasons.

Regardless, you are the parent. Don’t abdicate your responsibilities. Teachers cannot actually teach your children. Each child must learn, and in a large classroom full of immature people, that is hard. It is even harder for those whose parents are not showing effort, concern, and adequate involvement. Parents always lead by the example they set. Set the right example. It is required. It is your duty. You owe it to your children. Help the teacher.

We also need our bureaucrats to back off.

There are too many requirements on the teachers. There are too many rules and conditions on the money supplied, especially for grants, especially from the federal government.

We need our First Amendment to be amended (through the Constitutional process) to read “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of education or of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.