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I trust anyone who sees this recognizes my title, but to make it easy,

Blade Runner was an excellent movie.

This article:

is an excellent read. I encourage you to take the time.

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Character, Liberty, and Economics : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education.

The article at the link points out:

“Chief among the elements that define strong character are these: honesty, humility, responsibility, self-discipline, self-reliance, optimism, a long-term focus, and a lust for learning. A free society is impossible without them.”

He is primarily pointing out that it is a lack of character in our leaders (including politicians, but inclusively) that has us so precariously positioned to loose our freedom.

I happen to see our 5th district Representative, James Lankford, as a man of character. He has my appreciation.

Part of character is having the strength to shun a benefit when you know it is bad overall. Every man among us must ensure that he is not part of the problem; each woman too, but of course the masculine pronoun wouldn’t work for the ladies.

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