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I aver that Martin Luther King Jr. was a pretty good example of a husband and father, and it seems fitting on the day we honor him to note that for the most part, we’ve solved the problems for women of not having husbands.

That is, in most of our circumstances, we support single mothers. We don’t shun them. We typically work with them in personal and public ways.

For the most part, a single mother’s life is hard, but it is not life-threatening as it used to be.

Thus, we have many single mothers. That is, while there are still problems, the biggest problem, the problem that made women fear being a single mother, has been mitigated. While we have improved the lot of women, we have not improved the overall lot.

Fatherlessness, lack of a husband in the family, is a problem for society. It is a serious problem for children. Fatherlessness of families results in harm.

How do we fix that? I think it is obvious money and government programs cannot fix it.

How do we fix it?

I am an a-atheist. That is, I don’t believe in atheism. Atheism isn’t real. At least, irreligiousness isn’t real; it isn’t possible. It is a practiced delusion. In demographics, there may be other universals, but all people are religious. Those who claim not to be, are simply religious about irreligion or some favorite “-ism”, such as environmentalism, statism, or even scientism. Naturalism seems to me as generally accepted as religion, akin to gaia worship or simple paganism or animism. Even secularism was developed as a religious alternative to Christian orthodoxy. Scientism is probably the weirdest religion. Read the rest of this entry »

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