Brian Wang has a post at NextBigFugure here,, where he describes a significant factor in the cost of new nuclear (fission) power plants. The comments were mostly good additions. The regulations, as he indicates, have increased and increased, even when we learned some were unnecessary, none were lessened, but always increased. ALARA is the rallying cry of all things nuclear. As low as reasonably achievable. Of course, as achievement is established, the regulators assert that even lower standards are achievable, ever-increasing costs for an ambiguous and impossible objective.

Nuclear fission will be the power our great-grandchildren use. Perhaps their great, great-grandchildren will use fusion. Windmills will be forgotten. Remembered only in lonely remote applications and children’s stories. Solar will probably remain, but in limited, niche applications. And our grandchildren will feel shame for the starvation we caused by burning our food.