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“When it comes to global warming, the ends apparently justify the means. People from all political persuasions do stupid things to advance their cause, but what bothers me most are respectable people who justify behavior they would never tolerate from their foes. That type of ideological fanaticism is corrosive of our democratic society.”

via Steven Greenhut: What’s a little fraud to save the Earth? | gleick, heartland, global – Opinion – The Orange County Register.

Where Do Gleick’s Apologists Draw the Line?

via Where Do Gleick’s Apologists Draw the Line? « NoFrakkingConsensus.

Regarding the Gleick fraud and defaming of Hearthland Inst. in the “cause” of global warming:

“That is the message of Gleick’s theft and Horgan’s equivocations. Together, they shine a spot light on the moral swamp that climate science has become.”

via Lying for the Cause? » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names.

To anyone reading Mr. Spinney’s article, take with a grain of salt. He does make some solid points.

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