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They are closing the News9 debate as I begin this post.

Fundamentally, James Lankford is right. We cannot cut enough to stop increasing our debt as a nation quickly. Look at the numbers. We are not JUST talking dollars. We are talking about lives. Cutting defense hurts military families immediately. It hurts all kinds of contractors and government-related workers slowly but very significantly. Cutting welfare programs is necessary, but we have to do it slowly and sensibly, or people will literally be killed by the cuts. (As a consequence of the effects necessitated by the cuts.) The same for all the rest. The numbers are practically incomprehensible. James Lankford has about as great a grasp of the problem and how hard it is to get where we need to go as anyone I can think of.

James Lankford is right.

My respect for Mr. Lankford increased throughout the debate. I am confident that Senator Lankford will have an enduring and positive role in the history of the United States Senate.

Note, my respect for Mr. Shannon increased also.

However, I cannot support Mr. Shannon for Senate. I do not believe he will fit there. I do believe Mr. Shannon will make a good President of our United States. I believe his life experience and his political experience both suit him well for excelling as leader of the free world.

I’m watching the debate on News9 between James Lankford and TW Shannon.

The question asked was what each considered the greatest threat to the USA.

Both said the US debt. Shannon qualified that slightly.

I disagree. The greatest threat to the USA as we know it today is federal regulation. Specifically, the EPA is the greatest threat to the United States of America and what we are.

I applaud TW Shannon for actually stating (later) that we need to abolish the EPA. Yes. We must.

I’ll be voting for James Lankford in the upcoming primary for Oklahoma US Senate.

I record here my story of why.

I grew up in southeast Kansas, and I consider the Tri-States my home. That is, I consider myself a native of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Oklahoma has been our residence for several years now, and Kevin Calvey was the first politician I came to know personally. I found him to be, above all, a good man. Read the rest of this entry »

Note: It will be excessive regulation and bureaucracy that turn the US into a despotically ruled third-world nation.

Lawmakers want answers on ‘social cost of carbon’ decision – The Hill’s RegWatch.

There are signs of improvement in Washington, and James Lankford is one of those improvements.

The honorable Mr. Lankford is working to oppose the President’s capricious enforcement of legislation, which I think important enough to mention, but Mr. Lankford pointed out this weekend that while the President says he wants immigration legislation, actions speak louder than words. Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by my Congressional Representative for Oklahoma on his Facebook page.

James Lankford
13 March 2013
I had an opportunity to ask the President a question today in our closed door meeting. It was a friendly and frank conversation. We identified common ground on some items, but he said he would not support them unless we also agreed to raise taxes at the same time. I do not understand that philosophy, if we both agree on something, why shouldn’t we pass it? I also asked if we could agree that our nation should have a balanced budget, he does not see a balanced budget as a goal for his administration or any long term budget proposal. I have a hard time hearing the President say we should have a “balanced approach,” but not actually balance.
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