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Jenni wrote,, and quotes a legislator: “Jenni, we make laws up here (the Capitol), that’s what we do.”

Yep, they seem to think it is their job to make stuff up.

I keep reminding all the legislators I can get to listen, it ain’t their job to pass laws.

Some might ask, “Well, what else would they do?” To which I would like to say nothing, but that isn’t quite true.

They need to represent us in running the business of the government. Making more rules for lording over us is not the business of the government. They need to represent and ensure as little of our money is taken from us as possible. They need to represent us and ensure as little of our money is wasted as possible. They need to represent us and ensure the government isn’t trying to do anything they shouldn’t be doing.

They need to acknowledge that government is violence. They need to acknowledge that unless what is being discussed needs the official sanction of societal threat of violence, then they ought not be doing it.

These comments,, by Jenni White of Restore Oklahoma Public Education, are reassuring.

I will support Joy Hoffmeister in this primary. However, it is clear in my mind that Janet Barresi has proven a failure. She is dangerous, and I cannot support her. If Janet Barresi is on the ballot, I will vote for another name, even if that name has D behind it. Being a registered Republican, I cannot vote in the other party election, but from what little I know of that side of things, Freda Deskin seems a reasonable and responsible person for the job.

I expect that the Democrat Party leadership knows that Janet Barresi is vulnerable. I suspect the plans are moving forward to win this statewide office and put it back in the D column. I honestly expect that is what will happen if Barresi wins the primary.

That is okay with me. It isn’t a game. I can support good candidates from any party. While I cannot stand behind him on everything he says publicly, I support my local Representative Scott Inman. He is a good man. He will side with the Democratic Party in general, but he will stand for what is right when his party is crosswise of it.

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