At BioLogos,  John Walton, makes a most interesting point. Namely, a biblical literalist is doomed from the git-go. We know the sun cannot stop in the literal sense, since from modern knowledge we know its apparent movement is due to the orbit of the earth around the sun. Thus trying to take the text at a simplistic, literal meaning, one must abandon the literal reading to get anywhere.

Of course, thinking of the earth stopping rotation is an overt miracle. It is quite impossible in all regards. Every atom of the entire earth-moon system would have to simultaneously lose all inertia in a coherent, coordinated way, and regain it unnoticeably. We know that inertia is a property of matter. Thus the miracle would require a complete violation of multiple laws of physics, and a thorough disruption of the space-time continuum on a local, but relatively large scale. It is mind-bending to consider what might have to happen to a thrown spear in flight as earth suddenly halted. How might the spear not simply halt in mid-air as the earth halted in orbit? Hmm… It really seems there can be no possible explanation. If it was a miracle, it is utterly inexplicable, and equally unmistakable. It would certainly be the most recorded miracle of all time, as it would have been experienced by every soul on earth. Hmm… Genesis 8:22 also comes to mind. Wouldn’t a severely extended “day” be a disruption in the “never cease” proclamation?

His rendering and interpretation are appealing, but he goes out of his way to point out the difficulties.

It seems clear this is a biblical text for which we must simply admit we do not know exactly what it says nor what it means, except for the obvious description of God supporting the Israelite war effort.