Well, for four days of it any way. The Oklahoma District Royal Rangers runs JLTA (Junior Leadership Training Academy) each summer at Camp Adventure, near Chandler, Oklahoma. Check here: http://royalrangers.com/training/junior/ and http://www.oklahomaroyalrangers.org/

I work with the AJTC group, which is the second year of the program (most age 13 to 15). (There is a zero year, ATC, first year is JTC (Junior Training Camp), then AJTC (Advanced JTC), then two options, then they can apply for the elite (fifth year). They work drill and ceremony with sabers, and they are leaders of the other groups. Back to my group, AJTC, they focus on knots and lashing, and they have some leadership tasks. We review knots and lashing. They lash a simple 6′ x 2′ X-braced rectangle, then we build a 1/3-scale model of a 20′-tall tower. Read the rest of this entry »