Mizzou announces a break through in plasma physics and our energy future. http://munews.missouri.edu/news-releases/2013/0415-plasma-device-developed-at-mu-could-revolutionize-energy-generation-and-storage/

My bs alarm sounded when I read this gem, “However, Curry warns that without federal funding of basic research, America will lose the race to develop new plasma energy technologies.”

Sorry, but no. Federal funding is the death knell of all good science!

Then, the big deal! They can generate a plasma doughnut in air! Wow! Or something. Are we building a plasma cannon or an energy generator?

Of course, the next lines are the grandiose claims of how much could be accomplished if they could only get sufficient funding, and of course a little whining about sequester et al.

Unfortunately, this looks like a headline only. There is no there, there.