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This Easter, reviewing Facebook items, I came across many comments celebrating Easter and life, and also the 19 April 1995 bombing here in Oklahoma City, and a couple of comments from our Oklahoma Blood Institute, to whom I donate regularly.

I wanted to specifically point out a comment from a friend, an Oklahoma State Senator (State House), Kyle Loveless.

He wrote (he makes boots and leather goods):

I was at the family business when we felt the explosion.

I had just got back from an errand and later found out had I been late I would have been cut up by broken glass of the store I visited.

We have a machine that literally weighs a ton, it shook and moved at the vibrations of the explosion of thee bomb at the Murrah building.

We went outside and thought a building gas line had exploded and it wasn’t too long before we got the news.

I remember getting the call from OKCPD asking of we could provide some leather for the search and rescue K-9 units because the rubble was too harsh for their paws. We stopped everything until we had the stuff they needed – my dad and I went down and delivered – I will never forget what I saw, what I smelt, what I witnessed,

I will never forget.

I’ve met many who helped that day. My family had not moved to OKC at that time. We were affected though, then and on to today.

Let us celebrate life. Death is always near. And, keep perspective: We all die young.

On a personal note, today, with the winter storm that came through Oklahoma, the blood supplies are low. The Oklahoma Blood Institute is going out of its way to get the word out that they need more blood. Go. Donate. Do it today, and make it a habit.

I donate platelets regularly (not as often as they like), and I typically donate red cells with it, which keeps me on the schedule I prefer, every other month.

Platelets are worth a lot to me. It was only a day, but it was a very good day, a day I will hold dear and close for the rest of my life.

My dad whipped cancer once. When it came back years later, he was fighting and winning again, but he had a setback. I don’t recall what it was called, but a rare cancer had developed too, and it was known to be fatal in six weeks. Right near the end of that six weeks, Pop was still going strong and positive, but it was clear there was no longer any hope other than a supernatural intervention and miraculous healing. (I believe in those, btw.) His doctor was a practical, thoughtful, and considerate lady, fully competent, as well, and she was clear that Pop only had a day or two remaining. He was so weak he couldn’t eat, or get up, or even comb his hair. For Pop, that was a big deal, even with so little left.

The doctor went ahead and ordered a full round of medications, fluids, and most importantly, platelets. Pop perked up, got up, combed his hair, and shared a meal with me. It was probably the best day I had with my dad. We’d had a typical relationship. Mostly close, but fought some too. His love was so true and certain there at the end. His confidence was so palpable.

Pop died the next day. I still donate platelets. It is worth a lot to me. You can be sure that donating blood will be worth just as much to a few people. They will truly appreciate it.

Schedule an appointment at one of our donor centers or a mobile drive or call 1-877-340-8777 today!
blood donor

Edmond: 3409 S. Broadway, Suite 300
Central OKC: 901 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Norman: 1004 24th Ave. NW, Suite 101
North OKC: 5105 N. Portland Ave.

Ada: 1930 Stonecipher Blvd.
580-436-0384 • 1-800-858-8296
Ardmore: 1420 Veterans Blvd.
580-226-2220 • 1-800-299-2220
Enid: 301 E. Cherokee
580-233-9323 • 1-800-299-9323
Lawton: 211 SW ‘A’ Ave.
580-353-6451 • 1-800-299-6451
Tulsa: 4601 E. 81st St.
918-477-0400 • 1-888-584-7557

Please contact our Customer Service team at 1-877-340-8777 or to schedule an appointment or to speak to a customer service representative.

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