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If you are committed to truth, I’m sure you will find this information informative and good. If your mind is already made up, consider this fair warning. You have no right to get mad at me if the facts confuse you.

“Among the many images made by prehistoric people on the walls of Kachina Bridge is what appears to be an unambiguous depiction of a sauropod dinosaur, herein called Dinosaur 1. Because mainstream science has produced no alternate explanation for Dinosaur 1, it has become an important weapon in the arsenal of the anti-evolution movement.”


Let me start by saying that being “anti-” anything is a bad idea, generally counterproductive to all that is good. Stand for what you believe. The things you don’t like will fall away. (From an old White Heart song, “Are they working harder at what we think is wrong, than we are at what we know is right!?! — Sold out! They might be sold out to sin. — Sold out! Won’t ya take a look inside, and you might see, that you and me, should be all sold out to Him.) It astonishes me how flimsy can be evidence that people will grasp hold of tight, refusing even the most common-sense objections to their position. I think people often actually abandon such, but won’t admit it.

To ensure no one misunderstands me, I came across a Ken Ham claim that the subject rock images were evidence that the American Indians knew dinosaurs. Nope. Please, don’t be silly. Even Ken Ham’s rendering of the image could be other things. It resembles a dino from a children’s cartoon, I suppose, but given how inventive the ancient artists tended to be, it hardly seems a child could have been the intended audience. I think Ken Ham causes far more harm than good. I simply do not trust anyone who claims to have thoroughly investigated, yet still claims the earth is a mere 6,000 years old. That just ain’t honest, and I recall a scripture passage that mentions a fiery destination for those who twist the truth. I also recall a scripture telling me God cannot lie. I think I will do my best to stick to the truth!

Perhaps an aside, but related, anybody ever seen Blade Runner? I won’t think of myself as a synthetic with a made-up and implanted history.

“in the presence of the ancients”

via Aliens Live! Proof At Last!.

These are cool. We took the kids (and my mom) on a 6,000 mile trek west through Grand Canyon, and on up through areas the girls had been to when little (before the boys), and managed to stop at some petroglyph sites. (Ultimately to the Olympic Peninsula and the rain forests (and Forks, at the height of Twilight popularity), back through Dry Falls and Mt. Rushmore–during the bike rally.) This art makes me think. Was it just graffiti with little point, or was it their literature, even their master works? Perhaps it was utilitarian (maps, diagrams) or just doodling. There is no doubt they were creative! There seems to be no rules, only expression.

The linked web page has some excellent images and lots of good information if you are ever able to make use of it and see for yourself. Still, while it is wondrous and exciting to view and speculate, I think I will never consider ancient art of this sort as any evidence of anything remarkable, especially not aliens. 😉

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